Thousands of pounds a year spent on cleaning up cannabis dumps

Cannabis paraphernalia is being dumped in beauty spots
Cannabis paraphernalia is being dumped in beauty spots
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A charity is counting the cost of cannabis paraphernalia being dumped in its woods – costing it thousands of pounds a year on clean ups.

The Woodland Trust claims it is becoming a real problem with not only cannabis plants being discarded but also heat lamps, electric fans and dehumidifiers from so called “cannabis farms”.

The Trust says it is not just the rising cost of the clean-ups which places a strain on its purse but the extra time dealing with incidents – any dumping of material must be reported to the police before its removed from its land.

Woodland Trust Site Manager Colin Riley recently organised the clean-up of dumped cannabis from Sandybrook wood near Preston to the tune of £250.

He said: “People think that dumping in our woods is an easy way to dispose of a cannabis farm but for us it means spending money and time on clean-ups which could be spent on planting more trees or protecting the precious woodland we already have.

“The dumps also create an eyesore for what should be beautiful natural places for people to visit.”

Another wood that recently needed an £800 clean-up of cannabis was Smithills near Bolton.

Now the Trust is calling on people to act if they spot illegal dumping.

You can either contacting the Woodland Trust on

Or call the police’s non-emergency number 101.