Thieving Leyland carer's sentence date is set

The late Olive Davies, left, and Martina Adams, right
The late Olive Davies, left, and Martina Adams, right

A carer who stole from an elderly client will learn her fate next month.

Preston Crown Court has set a date for the sentencing of Martina Adams, 49, of Seven Stars Road, Leyland, who betrayed trusting Leyland pensioner Olive Davies.

Olive’s family had faced a delay in the proceedings because, although Adams had pleaded guilty to theft, she disputed the amount she stole.

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Her last expected sentencing date was adjourned.

It will now take place on Monday October 14.

Unknown to the pensioner, Adams was helping herself to cash withdrawals from her bank account, amounting to thousands of pounds.

The heartbroken OAP’s health rapidly declined after the shocking discovery and she had to, against her wishes, have a social services package of care, with different people coming in four times a day.

Her distraught family say she was never the same again and she died just a few months after the trauma.

Olive’s daughter, Christine Heald, 58, discovered the thefts when checking her housebound mother’s bank statement for a refund from a utility supplier - it showed several withdrawals of £200 and £300 at a time.

She previously told the Post poke of their ongoing heartache.

She said: “ “Mum thought the world of her and treated her really well, thinking of her more like family.

“Within weeks she was taken ill and needed a pacemaker. She was never the same again.

“She died with her family by her side in hospital on March 28.

“Martina Adams made my mum’s last year miserable, and as a family we will never forgive her.”