Teen praised for saving dog’s lives

Jamie Cutler and Angela Slater
Jamie Cutler and Angela Slater
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A 14-year-old boy has saved the lives of three dogs after they were attacked by a pit bull.

Jamie Cutler, of Kirkham, was walking in Wesham when he intervened to stop a woman’s three dogs being attacked by a loose pit bull

Despite being in danger himself, Jamie calmly used one of the other dogs leads to restrain the pitbull and then took the woman and her dogs to a nearby garden.

The pit bull was found to be a banned breed and destroyed.

Jamie’s mum, Julie Cutler, said: “I am so proud of my brave son. I didn’t realise just what a fantastic job Jamie did that night because he came in and just said “I’ve helped a lady today who was being attacked by a dog”.

PCSO Angela Slater said: “People are very quick to criticise the youth of today, I feel that Jamie is a shining example and he was very courageous.”