Teen and pal jail for machete street attack

Dylan Cornwell
Dylan Cornwell
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A TEENAGER has been jailed for seven and a half years and his friend for eight and a half years for their roles in a vicious machete attack in a Preston street.

The victim was left with wounds so deep his bones were exposed following the attack witnessed by a number of young children as they sat on their doorstep in the residential street.

Shaun Tyrer

Shaun Tyrer

The children described a man with a machete “whacking” the victim, leaving him with horrific injuries to his thigh, back and buttocks.

The Evening post can today identify Dylan Cornwell, 17, as being one of four men involved in the attack after a high court judge lifted a ban on reporting his name.

Cornwell, of Lark Hill Street, Avenham, and Shaun Tyrer, 33, of Duke Street, were charged with attempted murder but later pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the 17 year old, who was set upon when he was cycling in the Moor Park area of Preston.

Preston Crown Court heard the horrific incident was a gang attack in revenge for a previous incident which had been perceived as a slight on the Avenham area.

A few weeks earlier, Ruben Vitorino, who lived in Avenham, was attacked as he walked home from the Caribbean Carnival in Preston.

However, he did not co-operate with police investigations into his assailants.

Vitorino was cleared of having any involvement in the revenge attack following a trial at Preston Crown Court in November but Tyrer admitted he had provided transport to take Dylan Cornwall to the scene of the attack.

On the evening of June 16 Cornwell sent text messages inviting others to seek out those he believed were responsible for the attack on Vitorino.

He called upon Tyrer to take him to the area and provide transport for the three attackers to leave the scene.

Mr Justice King, sentencing, accepted Cornwell was not the main assailant, although he was seen fleeing the area carrying the machete after it had been discarded.

He said: “There was a background here of an ongoing dispute between rival groups – those based in the Avenham area and those in the Moor Park area.

“There was a background of a previous incident involving (the victim) using violence against one of the group.”

The court heard Cornwell was influenced by other, older associates.

Shaun Tyrer, the court heard, took Cornwell under his wing and had been trying to steer his young friend away from falling into trouble.

However, he realised Cornwell was going to carry out the attack, with or without his support, and agreed to provide the transport.

The victim did not support the prosecution and did not give evidence during the trial of Vitorino, but it is understood he is now able to walk again, having undergone plastic surgery for his injuries.

The judge ordered not guilty verdicts to be returned on the attempted murder charges.