Swords were on car seat

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A MAN claimed he was a collector of ornamental weapons when he was stopped with two Samurai swords in the back of his car.

But although he claimed to have been collecting for two or three years, Mark Unsworth , 34, only had one other sword in his collection.

Preston Magistrates Court heard Unsworth, of St Andrew’s Road, Deepdale, was stopped at the junction of Aqueduct Street and Brackenbury Road on a driving matter.

But when officers spotted the two swords on the back seat, Unsworth said he had bought them at a car boot sale the previous week for £50.

He claimed he had gone straight inside to feed his dog and forgotten to take the weapons indoors.

Neither he or the two passengers had noticed them when they got in the car to go and buy cigarettes, he said.

He was charged with possession of offensive weapons but pleaded not guilty and stood trial.

Chair of the bench Kath Strickland said: “You have not convinced us you were a collector and you were going to have a case made for the swords ad we do not find the excuse you gave us plausible.

Unsworth was fined £140 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

No costs order was made.