Spurned lover who knifed best friend in the head jailed

JAILED: Peshtiwan Jalal
JAILED: Peshtiwan Jalal
  • Kurdish asylum seeker Peshtiwan Jalal came to Lancashire in August 2008
  • On October 12, 2014 he attacked his former best friend with a kitchen knife
  • The victim suffered stab wounds to the head and arm
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A man knifed his best friend in the head and arm after learning he was having an affair with his girlfriend.

Hours before the attack, angry Kurdish asylum seeker Peshtiwan Jalal told his girlfriend’s father she would be “killed in his country” if she behaved like that.

Jailing him for two years, Judge Recorder Pearce said: “I accept you had some reason to be angry or upset on this occasion.

“Nevertheless this is a serious offence.”

Preston’s Sessions House Court heard Jalal came to Lancashire in August 2008 and was a man of good character.

However, the 30-year-old attacked his former best friend, also from Kurdistan, at his girlfriend Jade Woodhouse’s flat in Lancaster on October 12 last year, using a knife from her kitchen.

The victim was found to have suffered stab wounds to the head, and deep wounds to the elbow and thumb.

He has suffered ongoing difficulties with movement and numbness in his thumb.

Jalal, wearing a grey jumper, stood in the dock with an interpreter as prosecuting, Judith McCullough explained Jalal had turned up at the flat at 6am and found them both there.

She added: “The defendant then went to Paul Woodhouse, Jade’s father. He said she should not be acting the way she was, in his country she would be killed.

“That concerned him and he went to her property and stayed for some time.”

But at 10am Jalal returned, walking in through the unlocked door.

He got a knife and the two men struggled and fought, the court heard.

The victim was injured when he put his arm up to defend himself.

When Jalal dropped the knife, he started stabbing at the victim with a pen instead, causing further wounds.

Jalal, latterly of Liverpool, made no comment in his police interview, but later pleaded guilty to wounding.

Defending, Michael Goldwater said Jalal had been close friends with the victim and was “not in a normal state of mental equilibrium” at the time.

He added: “He was born in Kurdistan, a country your honour will have noted is not without its difficulties. He is hoping his application will shortly be determined.

“In seven years he has been living a peaceable life without coming to the attention of the authorities.

“It was obvious they were having a relationship behind his back.”

Recorder Pearson said: “You caused him significant injuries.”