Speed camera turned into a snowman

Snowman: The speed camera in Preston Road, Grimsargh
Snowman: The speed camera in Preston Road, Grimsargh
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A speed camera on one of Lancashire’s most dangerous roads was turned into a snowman over the festive period.

A passing motorist took this picture, which shows the unusual sight in Preston Road, Grimsargh, opposite the Plough Inn, near the junctions with Old Station Close and Langden Fold.

The white decorations covered the entire camera and said ‘Merry Xmas’ on the back.

One villager said the camera was decorated each year and had previously been wrapped up to look like a Christmas present.

She said: “Nobody knows who does it, but it’s become a bit of an annual joke in Grimsargh.

“We all look forward to seeing what it’s going to be.”

There have been several fatal accidents in Preston Road in the last few years, further along the highway near a bend dubbed ‘suicide corner’ by residents.

Grimsargh Parish Councillor Ron Woollam said who had decorated the camera was a mystery.

He said: “We don’t know who does it, but we assume it’s kids.

“Somebody must take quite a bit of time doing it up.

“I suppose the police and council won’t see the funny side of it, but it has caused some amusement to people going through the village.

“There is an amusing side to it but also it’s there for a purpose because it’s a dangerous road and traffic does travel far too fast along there. We can’t condone it.”

Lancashire County Council said its staff would inspect the camera yesterday and remove any decorations “immediately”.

Paul Binks, road and transport safety manager, said: “We would ask people to remember that speed cameras are essential to encourage drivers to drive safely and within the speed limit.

“They shouldn’t be tampered with at any time of the year.”