Simon Marx murder case: What happens next

Steven Lane and his partner Nicola Fairbrother-Bentham
Steven Lane and his partner Nicola Fairbrother-Bentham
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As Steven Lane begins a life sentence for the murder of Simon Marx, his partner has vowed to fight his conviction.

Lane, 30, from Shalgrove Field, Fulwood, Preston, was jailed for life with a minimum 14 year term after he hit Simon Marx in a pub brawl, causing a slow-bleeding head injury that later killed him.

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Lane's partner Nicola Fairbrother-Bentham has said the couple will continue to fight to overturn his conviction.

So what happens next?

People who have been convicted of a criminal offence can appeal either the conviction itself, or if they feel the sentence is excessively long they can appeal the sentence.

In this case, Nicola has indicated that they will be appealing the sentence - hoping to overturn the conviction.

You need permission to lodge an appeal, so the first step is to fill in application which a different judge will look at. This application must be lodged within 28 days.

If permission is granted, the appeal will be heard by the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

You, or your legal representative, present your case, but the Crown Prosecution Service will also present a case explaining why they believe the conviction should stand.

If you win the appeal, your conviction can be overturned and - if jailed - you can walk free. However the judge can also order a retrial, where the whole case is heard again.

If you lose the appeal, you may have to pay for court costs, which can amounts to thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds.

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