Sign of the times as drivers ignore rat run regulations

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Right is suddenly proving wrong in a long-running battle to rid Preston of a traffic nightmare.

Eight years after “No Right Turn” signs were first called for on rat run streets leading on to Blackpool Road, Deepdale, the arrows have gone up, only for drivers to completely ignore them.

Traffic ignoring 'no right turn' signs

Traffic ignoring 'no right turn' signs

“Hardly anyone is taking a blind bit of notice,” stormed Coun Terry Cartwright who represents Deepdale on the city council.

“I’ve been campaigning for years to get these signs put up. But even though the instructions are painted on the road surface as well in huge letters, you’d think they were invisible.

“I’ve been standing watching traffic and most drivers are ignoring the signs and turning right, just like they always did.”

The problem of rat run traffic using streets like Romford Road to skip queues along Blackpool Road was first highlighted to the highways authority back in 2008.

Heavy traffic caused by the expanding Deepdale Retail Park was being made worse by vehicles nipping across the carriageway from side streets and obstructing the flow along Blackpool Road. At that time police raised concerns that people would obey the ‘No Right Turn’ orders.” Eight years on those concerns have proved correct.

John Gatheral, LCC highways design manager, said: “We have introduced the ‘no right turn’ restrictions as part of a package of measures to reduce congestion in this area.

“They are intended to complement the recent upgrade by improving traffic flow on Blackpool Road and discouraging drivers who wish to access the retail park from adding to congestion on the estate roads. We will monitor how they are working and if necessary discuss with the police.”