‘Show James some respect’ begs grieving hotel guest

Damage: Pictures taken last week showing a damaged window at the property
Damage: Pictures taken last week showing a damaged window at the property
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The heartbroken partner of a dad who fell three floors to his death today said she was “disgusted” the aftermath of the accident had not been cleared up properly - six weeks later.

James Flynn, known as Jay, died from multiple injuries after falling from his girlfriend’s top floor room at the Clifton Hotel, Fishergate Hill, Preston.

Dolly Grant, who told the Evening Post she ended up at the property after fleeing a violent relationship, met the 34-year-old seven months before the tragedy.

On June 29, after the pair had been drinking, the prankster climbed out of her window but slipped.

He hit the window of a flat below - which remains shattered - and landed in the hotel yard, where chunks of glass are still visible. He died 12 days later.

Dolly, 37, faces the reminder of what happened every day.

She said: “I’ve had to patch my window up with cardboard.

“The frame is rotten and a few evenings ago I climbed onto my sink to close the window and the rotten frame gave way - I nearly fell through myself. A pane of glass fell to the yard below, luckily no-one was there.

“It’s upsetting. No-one seems to have shown any respect to Jay. Until a few days ago his blood was still on the ground.”

The Evening Post was given access to the notorious property which has long been at the centre of concerns around anti social behaviour and crime from some of the clients housed there.

On the stairs is a torn burgundy carpet and the magnolia walls are filthy.

Dolly has tried to make her room nice with a canvas and a string of lights, but her sink has come away from its unit and her window frame is rotten.

She keeps her tinned food in her room, because she says other people steal it if she keeps it in the communal kitchen.

Jay’s few possessions are kept in a plastic tub.

Vasu Bonda, of Starting Fresh Residentials, said: “ A double glazing firm are manufacturing the windows.

“I asked our handyman to clear up the glass and I’m going to go and have a look today.

“I will make sure it is cleared up.”