Shocking figures show hate crime rise in Lancashire

Picture posed by models
Picture posed by models
  • Lancashire Police deals with reports of hate crime on a daily basis
  • Campaigners warn the official figures represent a small fraction of the problem
  • The number of cases in Lancashire rose by more than a third last year
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Hundreds of hate crimes are being committed on the streets of Lancashire every year, shocking figures show.

An Evening Post investigation has found that more than 1,000 hate crimes – where victims are targeted for their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability – were recorded in the county last year, a 36 per cent rise in 12 months.

Campaigners and police insist the surge in cases indicates more victims have the confidence to come forward.

But one victim, street musician Elavi Dowie, today told of his beating at the hands of racist thugs, saying: “They just went crazy. I still have nightmares about it.”

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