Shock video of ‘petrol bomb’ attack as burglars target Preston house

Attack: Men use petrol as they try to break into home
Attack: Men use petrol as they try to break into home
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A SHOCKING new video has emerged of the moment desperate burglars “petrol bombed” a house as they tried to break in.

The attack, which was captured on CCTV, came at around 12.20am on August 10 in Lea, Preston.

The footage shows two people trying to get into the locked property on Blackpool Road and becoming increasingly frustrated when they couldn’t make any headway.

The pair went to the rear of the building and attempted to use accelerant to break a patio window. They then tried to break the window using a brick, before again trying to use accelerant to break the glass.

Both attackers, believed to be males, went to the front of the property and one threw a brick through the front window before they finally made off. The house is believed to have been empty and undergoing building work at the time.

Police have issued an appeal for information about the attack. DC Ian Zanelli, of Preston CID, said: “We are investigating an arson attack on a property in Lea. A home was targeted by two offenders and we need to find those responsible.

“We believe the suspects used petrol bombs to try and damage the building.”

Anyone with information can call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or at