Sex taunt couple claim computer was hacked

Richard and Amanda Holman
Richard and Amanda Holman
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A COUPLE jailed for a humiliating harassment campaign which saw a women hounded by men seeking sexual services claim their broadband connection was hacked.

Richard and Amanda Holman, of Fox House Lane, Scorton, are appealing against their conviction and jail sentences at Preston Crown Court.

Their alleged victim Rachel Lyne, who has since moved to Cornwall to escape the abuse she suffered, has returned to the city to give evidence against Mr and Mrs Holman for a second time before an appeal made up of high court judge Mr Justice McDuff and two lay magistrates.

She told the court she had a brief affair with Richard Holman, 48, in 2007 after he visited her home to maintain her boiler.

But four weeks into their fling, Holman didn’t show up for a date and Rachel rang his mobile and discovered he was still married.

She told the court: “He told me he was divorced and I took that at face value. I didn’t know anything about his personal circumstances at all.”

She went on to have a four and a half year relationship with a man who was later jailed for a serious assault on her but throughout that relationship, Miss Lyne said she had men visiting her home and the home of her partner.

Letters were sent to her work and neighbours and parcels containing lingerie and cardigans she had not ordered arrived in the post.

Following the assault Rachel moved to Cornwall with a friend, Stuart Walker to start afresh.

She told the court: “I didn’t even tell my family I was moving.”

However men continued to turn up at her new house, expecting sex and believing they had spoken to her online.

It later emerged scores of online profiles had been set up in Rachel Lyne’s name, purporting to be a prostitute and offering her services.

Po,lice traced to the profiles to Mr and Mrs Holman’s remote home in Scorton and they were convicted of harassment between 2012 - 2013.

But the couple claim they were not responsible for the harassment which left Miss Lyne anxious, depressed and unable to work, claiming their internet connection must have been hacked into.

Their appeal is expected to last till Monday .