Senior worker at GP surgery faces fraud accusations over wages, bonuses and overtime


The former business manager of a doctor’s surgery has appeared in court accused of fraud.

Michael Germaine, 55, of Mellor Road, Kirkham, near Preston, is accused of making unwarranted claims for overtime, and editing and forwarding an email claiming he was entitled to £5,000 in bonus payments.

He allegedly also made payments to his personal bank account for an advance in salary for which he was not entitled, making payments from Bispham's North Shore Surgery’s bank account for bonus payments that he had already received, and making payments to a woman from the account.

In addition he is alleged to have edited and forwarded an e-mail claiming he was entitled to a greater salary increase than agreed, and payment for undertaken annual leave.

He was summonsed to Preston Magistrates’ Court to face two counts of fraud by false representation and four of fraud by abusing his position.

It is said that while he occupied the position of business director, in which he was expected to safeguard the financial interests of North Shore Surgery, he dishonestly abused his position in a period from October 2015 to January 2017.

Defending, Michael Leach said: “There are a number of serious matters involving a substantial amount of money.

“The advice he had received from me today is the first legal advice he has received.

“We’re talking about an allegations of systematic fraud over a period of two years and we need to see certain documentation.”

He will appear before the same court on December 21.