Second defendant changes story in Preston murder trial

Jon-Jo Highton
Jon-Jo Highton
  • Drug dealer now admits he was the driver of a Vauxhall Vectra at the murder scene
  • Craig Walton says he didn’t expect trouble
  • He described a ‘long, silver reflection’
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A second drug dealer has now changed his story and admitted he drove one of the cars to the scene when Preston teen Jon-Jo Highton was murdered in a vicious street attack.

Craig Walton, 27, has always maintained he was at home at his flat in Watling Street Road when Jon-Jo was attacked by men armed with knives, an axe and a sword in St Stephen’s Road, Deepdale last August.

But after his best pal and drug dealing partner Joshua Bore made the revelation he was at the scene when Jon-jo was killed, Walton followed suit and admitted he was at the wheel of a Vauxhall Vectra used to carry five men to the scene, court heard.

Speaking from the witness box at Preston Crown Court, Walton - nicknamed Potter - said he had agreed to drive his co-accused Owen Whitesmith around for an hour on the evening of August 23.

But the former mechanic said: “I was expecting no trouble.”

Walton said he stayed in the vehicle when the passengers followed men travelling in a Vauxhall Meriva to attack Jon-Jo. Following the attack he drove back to his flat but went inside alone. He said: “I went into my flat. Josh was coming. The other three must have been in the complex on the stairs. There was only me that went in the flat. I recall him (Bore) saying ‘I’ve done something serious’ or ‘something serious has happened’.

“I was angry and upset. I didn’t know nothing like that was going to happen.”

“When he said that I said to him ‘you’re not staying at my flat. Leave my flat.’ I was angry and upset. I was really pigged off, without swearing.

“I didn’t know nothing like that was going to happen. I gave Josh the key to the Vectra because I didn’t want it in my flat.”

Owen Whitesmith, 19, of Glebe Close Fulwood; Arron Graham, 23, Ripon Street, Preston; Stephen Walton, 24, of no fixed address; Craig Walton, 26, of Watling Street Road, Fulwood; Joshua Bore, 19, of Morris Road, Ribbleton; Zaahid Patel, 20, of Park Avenue, Preston; Mohammed Sabbah Dal, 20, of Alice Square, Preston; and Minhaj Musa, 21, of Deepdale Road, Preston all deny murder.

Liam Tunstall, 26, of Mark Close, Penwortham; John Wilding, 36, of Everton Street, Darwen and Stuart Eastham, 32, Gisburn Road, Ribbleton deny assisting an offender.