Scientist denies trespass at anti-fracking protest

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  • Twelve protesters pushed into Caudrilla HQ
  • Nuclear scientist denies being among them
  • Protest was over plans for fracking in Lancashire
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A nuclear scientist has denied taking a leading role in an anti-fracking demonstration.

It is alleged by a prosecution witness that he was one of 12 who pushed their way into a building.

Sixty-two-year old Dr Rowland Dye is appearing before Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Dye of City Road, Bristol denies trespassing at the offices used by fracking company Cuadrilla at Lockheed Court, Squires Court, Blackpool.

Karen Saffman, prosecuting, told the judge that 80 anti-fracking protesters gathered at the building, which is also used by the Chamber of Commerce.

She said: “About 12 protesters got inside and they padlocked the door on the inside and placed a sofa against the door.”

Dye denies trespass and the case continues.