Scalded pensioner, 99, ‘screamed’ jurors are told

Pictured - (L-R) Meghadeven and Indranee Pumbien of Preston, Lancs.
Pictured - (L-R) Meghadeven and Indranee Pumbien of Preston, Lancs.
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A 99-year-old woman screamed “Get off me” in fear carers were trying to hurt her, after suffering burns in a scalding bath, a court has heard.

Margaret Wheatley told staff at the Briarwood Rest Home in Lostock Hall she had “nails in her slippers” and screamed as they tried to remove her socks.

Worker Beverley Hall told Preston Crown Court employee Niphawan Berry, 42, of Christchurch St - who denies grievous bodily harm, ill treatment and neglect - claimed the resident had blisters from “sitting down all day”.

But when she kept complaining about her slippers, Miss Hall discovered the scald and later took pictures on her phone.

Giving evidence at the trial of three people accused of neglect at the home, she said: “They were “soaking wet through. We couldn’t get her sock off because it was stuck.

“When we got it off it was a mess. Margaret was telling us to get off, she thought we were hurting her.

“Indranee told us it was an allergic reaction to her slippers.”

Meghadeven Pumbien, 64, and Indranee Pumbien, 59, of Grosvenor Place, Ashton, Preston, deny neglect and perverting the course of justice and Indranee denies 13 counts of ill treatment.