Robbery victim ‘lucky to be alive’ after knife attack

Terance McMahon was walking home in Kirkham when he was mugged and attacked
Terance McMahon was walking home in Kirkham when he was mugged and attacked
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A man who was ambushed, robbed and then slashed with a knife told how he was “lucky” to escape with his life.

Terrence McMahon, 41, was making the short walk from his Kirkham home to a nearby Chinese takeaway when he was dragged into a dark alleyway by one attacker.

He told how he was left terrified by the ordeal after finding himself surrounded by three men who demanded cash, with one saying: “Give us the money or you’re getting it.”

Despite being cornered in the alleyway, off Marsden Street in Kirkham, Mr McMahon at first refused to cooperate – only for his attacker to pull out a five-inch knife.

After handing over £180 in cash, the robber continued to threaten him, jabbing the knife towards Mr McMahon’s face and trying to slash his throat.

The 41-year-old needed stitches to his left hand, where he was slashed as he tried to protect himself.

Construction worker Mr McMahon said: “It was terrifying – they definitely meant business. It could have been a lot worse. The first chance I got, I just got out of there and ran. I feared for my life – my main worry was if the other two had knives, it would have been game over for me.”

Police are now hunting the three men responsible, who they say may be of Eastern European origin. Mr McMahon had left his home and was walking along Marsden Street at around 10pm on Sunday when he was attacked.

As he approached the alleyway, opposite the Swan pub, he saw a man stood at the end.

He said: “I kept approaching, thinking nothing about it, and he stood in front of me. He twisted me around and there were two other men in the alleyway. They said they wanted money and I told them ‘no chance’. The next thing I knew, the man in front of me pulled out a knife.”

Having been to the bank earlier that day, he had £180 rolled up in his pocket which he handed over – and thought that would be the end of the ordeal. But the knife-wielding robber became more aggressive. He added: “He started swinging the knife around and then he swung it towards my face. I put my hand up and he cut the side of my palm. He then started stabbing at me about three times.”

Det Con Emma Shuttleworth, of Blackpool CID, said: “The victim was left with a defence wound on his hand. He is quite shaken up by the attack.”

The offender with the knife is described as white and with a goatee beard and stubble. He wore a black or dark blue baseball cap, light blue jeans and a black lightweight jacket.

Call 101 with information.