Road rage driver in row over man’s dog

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Court news
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A furious motorist knocked a pedestrian to the ground and caused a serious cut to his face after the man’s dog jumped up at the driver’s car.

Niall McFarlane, 21, has been ordered to undertake a course to address his anger issues following the altercation with Lewis Lawless at Lane Ends, Ashton, last year.

Preston Crown Court heard as McFarlane tried to park outside his home in Tag Lane, Ingol, he reversed erratically towards Lawless and his wife, Linda, who were out walking their French Mastiff, Romeo.

Mr Lawless went to speak to McFarlane about the manner of his driving but when McFarlane shouted “what’s your problem” at Mr Lawless, the dog, Romeo, jumped up.

McFarlane got out of the car and adopted a “boxing” stance and started throwing punches at Mr Lawless, who put his hand up to defend himself.

He then walked to his house across the road, spitting at the couple as he left.

However minutes later, McFarlane came out of the house, carrying something which one witness believed to be boxing gloves. He started fighting with Mr Lawless again and pointed towards some shops.

As Mr Lawless crossed the road, McFarlane punched him, knocking him out.

McFarlane pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Michael Byrne, sentencing, handed him a six-month sentence, suspended for two years and ordered him to take part in the Resolve anger management program.

He said: “Do not make the mistake of thinking, because you are a cocky and arrogant young man with a flash car, that you have got away with this. This sentence is structured and disciplined.”

He ordered McFarlane to pay £500 compensation.