The real paw patrol: Police dog Rhyker, 3, reveals what life is really like for county's canine cops

A toothy canine cop has revealed what life is like for Lancashire's real paw patrol.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 2:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 3:54 pm
PD Rhyker, 3, has taken to social media after a busy shift in Leyland last night (September 24)

With tongue firmly planted in muzzle, one of the county's fearless police dogs has taken to social media to give the public a rare glimpse behind the leash.

PD Rhyker, a 3-year-old German Shepherd with Lancashire Police Dog Unit, barked out a report after a busy shift in Leyland last night (September 24).

In his 'own words'...

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PD Rhyker, 3, has taken to social media after a busy shift in Leyland last night (September 24)

"As my mum drove into work last night I was telling my best friend Harri that it was our last night shift.

"We were wondering what we’d be doing on our days off.

"Mum normally goes into the police station for a ‘briefing’ (whatever that is) then we go out to see what the shift brings.

"Not last night. We were straight out. I said to Harri, "there goes our forty winks".

PD Rhyker had been looking forward to 'forty winks' before being called out to help catch two car 'baddies' in Leyland last night (September 24)

"I could hear mum talking on her radio. Two baddies had ran off after being pursued in a car in Leyland.

"I was sooo excited. I love hide and seek. It’s my favourite game and I’m very good at it.

"It took us half an hour to get to mum's friends but I was too excited to have my forty winks. Harri on the other paw was snoring his head off.

"Mum got me out of the van and off we went!

"Mum shouted out to warn them that we were there, but I was already barking "ready or not, here I come!"

"And off I went. I don’t use my eyes for this game. I use my nose. I sniffed everywhere and mum was behind me.

"I kept going and going until suddenly something smelt different.

"Mum! He’s here, I found him!", I barked, as loud as I could.

"Mum came and shouted into the bushes. They started moving and one baddy came out and was taken away by mums friend.

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"She told me there was another one hiding. Yippee! I get to play again.

"So off I go again. It was really muddy but I don’t mind a bit of mud.

"I then smelt something different again.

"Mum! Come on this way!" I said.

"We reached some more trees and bushes.

"Mum he’s here! He’s here!", I barked again as loud as I could.

"Mum shouted and eventually the baddy came out with his hands up. Mum was really happy, but when I saw the state of her boots and trousers I couldn’t stop laughing.

"I tried not to look too smug when mum's friends said I was fantastic.

"Yes, I am I thought. I got back to my van and woke Harri up to tell him all about it.

"We have a few days off now so we’ll see you next week. Night night."

PD Rhyker, aged 3, Lancashire Police Dog Unit