Reaction: Your view on Preston's antisocial behavoiur

Our story about a family's hell at the hands of antisocial kids certainly struck a chord.

Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th August 2018, 3:47 pm
Smoking drugs, starting fires and playing with knives - Preston Family tells of anti-social behaviour hell

The gang are making resident's lives a misery in Ribbleton by smoking drugs, playing with knives and lighting fires.

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Smoking drugs, starting fires and playing with knives - Preston Family tells of ...

Many of you took to social media to have your say about an issue that has affected most of us at some time. Here are some of your comments:MP will do nothing he just gets his office to send the letter he may then sign it, other than that nothing will be done by him, pointless!

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Louise Thompson

Put the little unruly thugs in custody and drum in to them discipline and respect. They have no concept of responsibility or right or wrong.. i'm sure some of the parents need that too !

Jane McCreedy

Move out. The family is only renting. Why stay and punish yourself? As the daughter is 16, no ties to local schools. Move to a better area.

Helen Brooks

He’s made moor nook sound awful. Not the case

Donna Slater

They are obviously having problems, not just as easy just to move. Kids need Ned controlling not just left to do what they want.

Jenni Curwen

I lived and grew up on Moor Nook for 21 years. I moved away a few years back. I go on at least once a week to visit relatives and I can honestly say the estate is turning into a right s*******. There’s some really good hard working family’s but it’s just a handful of bad family’s with no hope kids giving the entire estate a bad name.

Simon Swain

Seriously nothing will be done I came from that area when I was little it was a lovely place to live but now it's dangerous. I would find way to move and fast before they get hurt

Karen Porter

Moor nook is a nice place to live

Rachandkev Booth

Name SHAME I say when caught. Also Parents need to control their Kids when out House Hit Parents hard maybe take control off Unruly KidsAnd why should these People move House because off Problem the little Brats Won then. Police should put in Cell over Night give them some Hard Punishment and think twice next time before doing wrong. No Discipline in House. I hear Mums using FOUL language while I'm Shopping in Town. Really Young Kids also if do that Out in Public No Hope at Home. SAD Really

Joan Johnston