Racist slur triggered fracas at restaurant

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A man who threw fries at someone he claims made a racist slur in a restaurant was threatened with parva spray after turning violent.

Raging William Fisher, 43, of Aughton Walk, Avenham, Preston, lashed out as he was arrested outside McDonalds, on Friargate, at 6.45pm on November 28.

Prosecuting, Philippa White said an officer responded to a call from staff, and as he reviewed CCTV footage he became aware of a “commotion” outside.

She said: “There were two to three men grappling with officers.

“The man behaving in the most aggressive manner was the drunk man staff had referred to.

“He continued to act aggressively, clenching his fists and was asked to calm down but he refused. He was placed in the back of a secure vehicle, arrested and handcuffed.

“As the incident continued one officer drew his Parva spray and warned he would use it.”

Representing himself, Fisher said: “ While I was in the queue waiting for my food, I heard another man make a racist remark towards me, I know it was against me and I’m quite sensitive because I’ve had a lot of it in the past.

“I know I should have ignored it and walked away but my pride got the better of me. I was very upset and emotional, and I did provoke him by throwing fries at him.”

He admitted getting the man in a “headlock” but added: “I’m a loving peaceful person. I’ve got a lot of respect for the law.”

Magistrates imposed a £60 fine, £20 surcharge and £85 costs after he admitted being drunk and disorderly.

The chairman of the bench remarked: “ It was a very expensive burger.”