Pub glasser is jailed for three years

A man who attacked two people in pubs in Lancaster has been jailed for three years.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th April 2017, 1:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:50 pm
Lewis Blatchford
Lewis Blatchford

Lewis Blatchford, who was subject to a suspended jail term for drug dealing at the time, left a young woman with a permanent scar to her nose last May when she told him to stop pestering her friend.

While on bail for the sickening attack, he glassed a man in a club whose pal had knocked his girlfriend's drink out of her hand.

Prosecuting, Anthony Longworth said: "The defendant was in the Glow Rooms in Lancaster.

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"Also in the club was the victim with her brother and friend.

"It became apparent he was interested in her friend and was making that known. In effect he was warned off, warned she had a boyfriend and was not interested.

"He gestured for her to join him on dancefloor."

The court heard the young woman turned to him and told him her friend was not interested.

Blatchford, 23, of Whitendale, Lancaster, punched her once in the face, causing her to stumble back. She was taken to hospital with a nose fracture and had to have surgery, which has left a bump.

In a victim impact statement the victim said she feels anxious going out, difficulty sleeping, and had been diagnosed with IBS as an ongoing stress problem, which she had not suffered before.

Her confidence was affected by her nose, and she had to take a month off work and lost £500 wages.

When the dad-of-one was taken to police station, officers found a packet of cocaine on him. He later admitted causing actual bodily harm and possessing cocaine.

He was on bail for these offences when he attacked pub goer Joseph Attard.

Mr Longworth described how two men had been boisterous and engaging in horse play with each other in Fibber McGees pub in Lancaster on October 2.

As they were playfighting Attard's friend knocked into Blatchford's girlfriend, knocking her drink out of her hand.

The men were told to leave and escorted out by a security guard.

Mr Longworth said: " It is apparent the defendant was annoyed at what had happened to his companion. He followed them to the door he had a drink and pint glass in his left hand. he says he was throwing the contents at the person who had spilt the drink on his girlfriend.

"He went back in the public house.

"Mr Attard came back in, with his arm extended. The defendant turned back to face him and swung with one blow with the glass that was in his hand. "

Blatchford admitted wounding Joseph Attard and and possessing an offensive weapon.

.Recorder Paul O'Brien said: "You turned your unwanted attentions to a young woman who was in the company of friends.

"You were ejected from the club and once outside ran off. You were arrested while trying to make good your escape."In the second incident, you threw lager over Attard. He reacted by approaching you. You stepped back, turned to him and you hit him with the glass above his right eye. The injury, which was treated, was a two inch laceration."

"The offence represent a course of conduct which attract a sentence of imprisonment."

Defending, Sharon Watson said he had shown "genuine and heartfelt remorse" and was "thoroughly ashamed and disgusted with his violent and boarish behaviour."

The court heard Lancaster's Pub Watch scheme had banned him from every premises in the city.