Preston's latest teenage stabbing: How you reacted

After police revealed a 17-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital after being stabbed for his bike this afternoon, the Lancashire Post's Facebook page was abuzz with messages.
What you're saying about Preston's latest knife crime incident involving teenagers. Pic: Google MapsWhat you're saying about Preston's latest knife crime incident involving teenagers. Pic: Google Maps
What you're saying about Preston's latest knife crime incident involving teenagers. Pic: Google Maps

And the latest in a whole host of incidents in the city involving teenagers and knives provoked a strong response.

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Boy, 17, stabbed in Preston city centre

Here's what you had to say:

Carl Lakeland "I think every stabbing should be classed as attempted murder. Cannot go round stabbing people, doesn’t matter what part of the body it is!"

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Sandra Mortlock "What a world, feel really worried for my grandchildren future."

Ellen Marsden "This is getting a little out of control now and scary something needs to be done immediately"

Darren Reid "Bring back cane in schools discipline is needed nowadays kids get away with murder."

Josh Dawson "Keep an eye on your streets as it said on the news knives are being hidden in bushes and behind telephone boxes (green junction ones) even in gaps in walls if you find one call 999 do not touch it. Let's fight this sort of crime together. See it, report it, sort it."

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Jenny Holroyd "Dirty little wimps hate kids that thing knives make them hard."

Colin Eccles "They need to start handing out proper sentencing in stead of slapping wrists."

Gary Martin "It's everywhere, what is it with this generation of kids....moved from west London so my daughter was far from the daily news of stabbings, and it's infiltrating everywhere because of a stupid and reckless culture of scumbag wannabes. Only way to correct this is discipline within the community they come from."

Diane Iddon "My son has just started going out to his mates it makes you worry even more with his happening round the corner."

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Collette Newsham "I’m not not even shocked by these type of posts anymore. It’s a weekly occurrence! I hope the boy makes a speedy recovery. Stay safe kids, keep your wits about you."

ChristyMae Allan "Bring back sending lads of age to the army. They lack discipline, even smacking is banned, no respect and wannabe gangsters to impress their mates, majority of the generation are going to end up with criminal records."

Carol Davies "And the reason I will never let my son out is...... as much as everyone goes on that their children are always on the PlayStation at least they are indoors and safe!!!! Hope the boy has a speedy recovery."

Samantha Partington "As a parent of a teenager who has just starting to voyage out with his mates, it's absolutely terrifying."

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Kimberly Gilson "This is scary. We need more police. And I'm not been funny but why are children able to carry knives what are the parents doing."

Jimmy Ashworth "The government is to blame for this they made the cuts not the people so at the next election watch for all the false promises they will throw at us for our votes."