Preston woman live streamed sickening video as she bit her pet cat at a Preston house shortly before the feline was found dead

A Preston woman live streamed a sickening video of her pet cat screaming in agony as she bit and rough handled the suffering animal.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:24 pm
Updated Sunday, 18th November 2018, 8:04 pm
A still from the video showing Angela Roe biting her pet cat Misty
A still from the video showing Angela Roe biting her pet cat Misty

Misty, a black and grey feline, was tragically found dead at Angela Roe's Ribbleton home by police after the incident - screened on Twitter's live-streaming video app Periscope - was reported by a sickened friend.

Preston Magistrates' Court heard the witness, who became online friends with Roe, saw Misty on her lap in a live stream on August 26 last year, in which she was "squeezing and shaking" the animal.

She was shouting, calling the cat a 'pyscho' and suggesting she should 'not bite the hand that feeds'.

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A still from the video showing Angela Roe biting her pet cat Misty

The woman then saw Roe bite the distressed cat's ear, causing her to scream in pain.

The defendant was heard to say it "needs to be disciplined or it will walk all over me.

Roe, who has mental health problems, was then seen to self harm and rub blood on the cat's fur.

The worried woman corresponded with Roe the next day on Periscope, whilst Roe was drunk. She said her 'other personality was going to come out. The bad side, the Jekyll; and Hyde nasty side of me.'


Misty was seen walking around and appeared to be fine, but the clip showed Roe put her on her lap again and say: " Can she kill the cat and then kill herself?"

The witness pleaded with Roe saying: "Don't do that - if you don't want the cat I will give it a home."

The court heard Roe told her viewer the only way she would kill her is by 'starving her'. The woman could then hear the cat screaming but the video then ended.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Paul Ridehalgh said: " Around 25 minutes later the broadcast resumed and the defendant typed:"My cat has just attacked me" and claimed Misty was 'demonic'."

The concerned friend asked what had happened and Roe told her the cat had attacked her and turned her phone camera around to show blood on the table, wall, skirting board and door in her home, which Roe claimed had come from her finger.Mr Ridehalgh added: "When she was asked where Misty was she 'became very aggressive and hissed like a cat' at the screen."

Roe claimed Misty was asleep on a ledge in the living room, but when the woman saw the cat it looked 'stiff', and she called the police.

When officers arrived they found Misty dead on the window sill, with blood on her. Roe, who was drunk, claimed it was from her own self harming and said the cat was asleep.

There were dirty dishes and rubbish strewn over the floor.

Misty's body was taken to a veterinary pathology department in Liverpool, which indicated the cat, which had various injuries, including a haemorrhage in her lungs and bruises, had died from being smothered.

Roe was not convicted of this as there was insufficient evidence she was directly responsible, but she admits causing Misty unnecessary suffering and failing to meet her needs.

The court heard in March police attended Roe's home again to speak to her and she declared: " There is a video dating back to August this year. The cat bit me and I bit her back. I was ******** out of my head."

Red haired Roe, who wore earphones around her neck and a black and blue jacket, was banned from keeping animals for life.

She thanked the bench as they agreed to suspend her 12 week jail term for a year on account of her mental health and alcohol issues.

The chairman of the bench noted her "deliberate attempt to cause suffering" and added: " The act was purely intentional as far as you were concerned."

On she was given 12 weeks in prison, suspended for a year, with a rehabilitation activity and alcohol treatment requirement, and must pay a £115 victim surcharge and £375 costs.The chairman added: "I do hope this has been a salutary lesson to you today."