Preston takeaway worker says 'more needs to be done to tackle hate crime' following racist abuse incident

Still from footage that shows a customer shouting abuse inMilanos
Still from footage that shows a customer shouting abuse inMilanos

A takeaway worker who filmed a customer subjecting him to a tirade of racist abuse says more needs to be done to tackle hate crime.

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Abbas Mureed, 39, filmed the customer shouting abuse at him as he worked at Milano’s in Corporation Street, Preston, last week.

The four-minute long video shows a man, who had just ordered a pizza, hurling obscenities at the worker and mimicking his accent. On the video the customer is seen shouting ‘this is my country, not yours.’

Speaking to the Post after the incident, Abbas said: “I was surprised that he was talking to me like this. I gave him his pizza and I said I think you should leave this place. I said ‘I think you are drinking, I think you should go home and calm down’ - he still refused to go.”

Abbas is seen on the video calling the police. Although officers arrived at the scene after the call was made they did not manage to catch the customer and Abbas believes not enough is done to tackle this kind of behaviour. He said: “Police need to investigate this. He could come in here again or it could happen to someone else.”

He added: “When I show my English friends the video they all say this is 100 per cent wrong, this is racist. He swore at me and he swore about my country and our women.” It is not known if police are investigating the incident. Officers said they could not give any information when asked by the Post this weekend. It comes after last week figures showed the number of recorded hate incidents in Lancashire has risen by 26 per cent in the last year.