Preston police announce crackdown on rogue motorcyclists on Guild Wheel

A new initiative by Preston Police, Operation Dismount, will crack down on nuisance bikers wreaking havoc on the city's Guild Wheel.

Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 5:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 5:57 pm
Police on Preston Guild Wheel

Warning signs informing people that using motor vehicles in the area is against the law have been put up on the footpath.

Anyone caught using a motorcycle in the area will have their vehicle seized by police.

Sgt Dan Wood said: "We're fully aware of the issues and how much it's affecting the community. We want to work with the community to resolve the issue and as a result we have creatd Operation Dismount, which is a dedicated operation by the neighbourhood policing team to tackle the matter.

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"Since the operation has been created, the number of calls has reduced, however we are acutely aware that the matter is not resolved and we need your help to continue fighting this battle."

PC Matt Bushell said: "(The Guild Wheel) has been identified as one of the hotspot areas for motorbike nuisances and is the key link between all of the hotspot areas across Preston, be it Fishwick, Ingol, Fulwood. This appears to be one of the causes of people being able to get around Preston very quickly. The problem itself spread far beyond that however, and the riders are riding illegally on roads, footpaths, parks public spaces, and making a number of beauty spots around Preston no-go areas for members of the public.

"Since we've launched this operation Preston police have seized a number of vehicles. In july alone we've taken five motorbikes and quad bikes off the road. We've instigated a number of prosecutions for motoring offences."

Police are now appealing for help in identifying even more nuisance motorcyclists who are driving illegally on Preston's Guild Wheel.

People can email photographs and information to [email protected] People are asked to include dates, times, and locations in their messages.