Preston man Tyler Fewery imprisoned after headbutting worker staff and throwing knife behind counter at Vohra News

Vohra New
Vohra New

A racist thug who showed shop staff a knife and threw it behind the counter after they refused to let him have 'crisps on credit' has been jailed for 10 months.

Tyler Fewery, 21, of no fixed abode, also headbutted a shopkeeper and scuffled with staff at Vohra News on Church Street, Preston, after the workers stood firm and refused to let him take food and drink.

The drunk defendant made references to the Taliban and terrorists, and claimed his father was the boxer Tyson Fury.

He snatched a sandwich and spat some of it at staff, before tipping a drink all over the floor, Preston Crown Court heard.

The brave workers locked him in the shop with them so he couldn't get out onto the street with the knife - but this locked him in with two other customers, including a teenage boy.

Fewery admits a racially aggravated assault on shopkeeper Yasin Vohra, and possessing a knife.

Offences of affray and criminal damage will lie on the file.

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David Clarke, prosecuting, said Mr Vohra arrived at his shop at 6am to take over from his colleague.

He added: "The defendant entered the store and he asked straight away if he could have packet of crisps and pay at a later time.

"He was told no. It appeared he was intent on reaching for the crisps and helping himself. The two men blocked his access to the crisps section

"Things began to take a negative turn. He alleged the shopkeeper's clothing and cap were fake.

"He asked if they knew who his father was and claimed his father was Tyson Fury.

"Matters then escalated.

"In due course they took the decision they were going to contact the police and lock the door.

" As that situation developed it seemed at one point he reaches around and appears to produce a small silver pocket knife. Although he at no point puts it to anyone, he briefly has it visible and subsequently he threw it behind the counter."

He continued using racist language before police arrived and took him away.

His defence lawyer said he was homeless and vulnerable at the time after a family fall out.

Recorder Mark Ainsworth said: "I've no doubt this would have been terrifying for those in the small confines of these premises.

"They've got no choice who comes into the shop, they have to deal with whoever comes through the door and on this occasion it was you."

"People who produce knives in public to influence situations must realise the court will impose prison sentences, so I cannot suspend the sentence in your case."

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