Preston man threatened to stab brother with scissors, court told

Magistrates' Court
Magistrates' Court

A tormented mum and stepdad were forced to call police when their son threatened to stab his brother, before defacing his brother’s car and parent’s window with spraypaint.

Preston Magistrates’ Court heard Daniel Rice, 25, was “vacant and zombie like” when he committed the offences.

Prosecuting, Tracy Yates said he suffers with mental health issues and that there had been previous domestic incidents.

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She said: “ A call was received from his stepdad saying he was outside with scissors and had assaulted his mother.

“He also said he had threatened to stab his brother.

“His mother made a statement saying she was woken at 3.30am. He was in the kitchen making a racket. He didn’t appear to be with it.”

The court heard when asked what he was doing he swore and said he was making a cup of tea, but he then asked where his brother was and grabbed a blue pair of scissors.

Ms Yates added: “He grabbed her wrists and pushed her back. He held the scissors and said: “l’m going to stab Tom.

“She managed to push him away and he went outside.

“She heard crashing and banging at the bedroom window.

“Daniel had spray painted graffiti on his brother’s Ford Fiesta and the bedroom window.

“There was damage to a bulldog ornament, a door and an outdoor step.”

The court heard the damage to the car was valued at £1,000, with a £500 repair cost for the window.

In interview the defendant said he had a “bad relationship” with his family and felt he was the “black sheep”.

Defending, Ivan Dickinson said: “He seems to have a more positive outlook on life now.

“He clearly struggles with mental health issues and I think struggles to talk about it.”

Rice pleaded guilty to charges of assault and criminal damage.

He was given 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, a restraining order and a rehabilitation requirement.