Preston GP ‘was known to drug abusers’

TRIAL: GP Victor Calland is accused of sex offences
TRIAL: GP Victor Calland is accused of sex offences
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A court has heard a Preston GP accused of raping a patient and another man was rapped by the General Medical Council (GMC) for misprescribing methadone.

Dr Victor Calland, who worked from Fishergate Hill surgery, was known to have a particular interest in working with heroin users, Preston Crown Court was told.

One of the men making allegations against Calland said he had been addicted to opiates and had been prescribed the heroin substitute by the doctor for a number of years.

But he insisted he had not reported the GP in an attempt to get compensation.

During cross examination, Michael Auty, defending Calland, questioned why the man continued to visit the doctor’s house in Broadgate for several years after he claimed he was raped.

He said: “The reason you felt okay to go back and see Dr Calland is that you felt utterly safe with him.

“You knew full well he had not abused you in the way you describe.

“You would never have visited that man at his home again if he had assaulted you.

“You would never have chosen to see him as your GP.”

To which the man replied: “But I did.”

The man admitted his drug addiction had become so serious his veins had collapsed and he had been admitted to hospital on several occasions with infections from injecting drugs.

However, he accepted it was widely known that Calland had a reputation for being more sympathetic than other GPs in his treatment of drug abusers.

When asked why he waited almost three decades to report the doctor, the man told the court he had not wanted to put his parents through the ordeal of a trial and had waited until they had died.

However, a friend and two family members told the court the man had told them he had been raped by the doctor in the intervening years.

Calland, 61, of Broadgate, denies three serious sex offences and two counts of indecent assault. Architect George Cameron, 63, denies one offence.