Preston employee stole laptop and phone from firm

Magistrates' Court
Magistrates' Court

A disgruntled worker has been found guilty of stealing goods from the Preston-based firm he worked for.

Simon Kluj, 37, of Albion Street, Bury, denied charges of theft and fraud and was tried at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

He was convicted of stealing a laptop and phone from Kelly Logistics, a firm he had been employed by for just 10 days.

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Kluj, who represented himself, was also convicted of fraud by making a false representation, which relates to an invoice he sent to another firm for work he had done, while at Kelly Logistics.

The prosecutor said between February 20 and May 2, the defendant fraudulently contacted a company called MSM Fabrications to organise a shipment of their product, but instead of using the Kelly’s business account to receive the payment of £1,860, he used his own account under the name Kluj Transport.

Cross examining Kluj he added: “You’ve told us a series of fantasy stories.”

The court was told Kluj’s job was terminated when it became clear he ‘wasn’t bringing in the money he had promised’.

When he was first employed he was provided with a laptop and phone, but after his employment ended he refused to return the items.

On March 1, MSM Fabrications received an e-mail from the defendant saying he had left Kelly’s and wanting payment for the work making to himself.

But on March 14, Mr Kelly also invoiced MSM, and the situation came to light.

In an interview at Preston Police Station he said the items were a gift and the victim owed him pay, so he was holding the items.

The bench sentenced him to a £960 fine, with a £57 victim surcharge and ordered him to pay costs of £600.