Poorly puppy is left dumped

Recovering: Peaches
Recovering: Peaches
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An almost hairless puppy has been found abandoned in the street in a desperate state of neglect after being dumped by its owners.

The nine-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier was found wandering the streets, suffering from untreated mange – the painful skin condition is caused by a mite which gets into the skin and causes extreme irritation.

Animal Care in Lancaster took Princess Peaches from Homeless Hounds in Blackburn. Staff said she was suffering from the worst case of the disease they had ever seen. She is so malnourished her nails are falling out.

Abi Sadler, assistant care manager at Animal Care, said: “She would have lost her hair from scratching, she still scratches herself until she is bleeding.”

The puppy has been at the centre for a week and is improving, but Abi said it was vital that Princess had been found and treated.

“She would have died if she hadn’t been picked up and the condition is extremely painful. She would have been put to sleep if we hadn’t taken her in,” she added.

Animal Care is treating the pup in isolation to prevent other dogs being infected with the contagious condition.

She is already improving but her skin will take some time to recover fully.

Abi said: “She is on tablets and has to have a shampoo and bath every day. Her hair is starting to grow back but it will take a good month for the mange to clear up. The shampoo she has to be washed in costs £60 for a small bottle.”

The centre has been pleading with the public to donate money to help meet the challenge of Princess’ veterinary costs.

Diane Lambert, the centre manager, said: “The public have been amazing as they always are and have kindly donated over £600, jumpers, hoodies, toys, towels and treats. We are all so taken back by the public support and can not thank them enough.”

However, she also explained the constant challenge they face in meeting the costs of on-going care for all the animals they’re treating.

In three weeks’ time Princess will undergo further treatment involving scraping her skin and the centre staff think they will be able to re-home her shortly after, if she’s given the all-clear.

If you want to help, text donate to 70070 and use the code PFP AS0. There has also been a justgiving account set up for members of the public to donate money to help towards Princess Peaches treatment at www.justgiving.com/pennies-for-peaches.

For more information call Animal Care on 01524 65495.