Police team up with shops to tackle menace of thieves

Chorley town centre
Chorley town centre
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There has been a sudden stark increase in shoplifting in Chorley.

Insp Dave Robinson, of Chorley Police, said: “Chorley has seen a thirty per cent rise in shoplifting over the last few months which has contributed to a five per cent rise over the year from last April.

Inspector Dave Robinson

Inspector Dave Robinson

“Needless to say, we are working closely with retailers to do what we can in the this area.”

Insp Robinson said he had been interested to read the national picture regarding rises in shoplifting offences.

He said: “Some analysts suggest the recession and reduction in benefits as a cause for this.

“I have always maintained effective policing and working with retailers and other partners is, of course, critical to any success, but there are also factors beyond our control which can often influence crime trends.”

Malcolm Allen, chairman of Chorley Traders’ Alliance, said: “When the recession started to bite, it’s been an ongoing thing in the town centre.

“It has been a growing trend.

“I first raised it at one of the town centre team meetings probably about twelve months ago

“There’s more and more every day and it’s all age groups.

“It’s something we’ve had quite a few success rates with in the town centre by use of CCTV and the PCSOs.

“The shops, to a certain degree, are vigilant, that helps, but some of the shoplifting happens early on.”

He added: “Talking to the PCSOs, we are surprised at the age of some of the shoplifters.

“This is why we need the PCSOs more than ever now.

“They have a knack of looking at somebody and following them. They know the town centre.”

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