Police taser man who had attacked mum

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A man who brutally attacked his own mother in her home as his two-year-old daughter slept had to be restrained with a Taser gun, a court heard.

Mark McSorley, 31, of no fixed abode, dragged his mum around her home in Ingol, Preston, by her hair, punching her, spitting on her and threatening: “I’m going to kill you and dad – I don’t have anything to lose.”

McSorley, who was jailed for 21 months at Preston Crown Court, later smashed his head through her lounge window.

Preston Crown Court heard the incident resulted in him barricading himself in his mother’s home, armed with kitchen knives, and threatening to stab police officers.

They forced entry into the house and had to restrain him.

Prosecuting, Frances McEntee, said a small domestic dispute ended up in the stand-off.

He said: “The defendant’s mother says she takes responsibility for care of the defendant’s two-year-old daughter.

“The relationship between them is described as hit and miss. She says she can go for months without seeing him.

“She said he’s fine when he gets his own way but will argue over money and other domestic matters. She indicated he has been violent to her in the past and has been jailed because of that.”

The court heard on July 2, Moira Bronson was at her home on New Rough Hey.

McSorley had been drinking, asked for some money to go to the shop and bought White Lightning cider.

Mr McEntee said: “At about 8pm Mrs Bronson was putting the child to bed. It is then he generated an argument. He was saying she was turning his daughter against him. She had to go and settle the child and was followed and it was then he started to assault her.

“She was pulled into bathroom where assault continued.”

The court heard he fell asleep or collapsed and his mum checked on the child and fled to a phone box to call police.

He woke and barricaded himself in, threatening to stab officers, and was Tasered.

McSorley pleaded guilty to affray, two counts of criminal damage and assault.