Police spot checks on Lancaster’s 20mph zones

WARNING: Police are carrying out spot speed checks
WARNING: Police are carrying out spot speed checks
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POLICE are cracking down on speeding in the Lancaster after receiving several complaints from residents.

Police Community Support Officers carried out spot checks in 20mph zones in the city and more than 50 drivers were recorded going over the 20mph limit on Barley Cop Lane.

Lancaster Police said 52 vehicles were travelling 25mph or above, with the highest recorded at 35mph.

Paula, a PCSO for Lancaster Police, said: “We conducted the spot check on Barley Cop Lane around about 3-5pm, so between people finishing work and the school run. We had a lot of calls to us over the past few months about this particular area. We are going to be sending out warning letters to the drivers who were recorded about their behaviour, it can save lives.

“20mph is enforced in built up areas with lots of children and people and that is what it’s about really – reducing the risk of accidents in built up areas.”

PCSOs have been working with Lancaster City Council to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding by handing out stickers for residents’ bins.

The Department for Transport says 20mph zones are self enforcing “with no expectation on the police to provide additional enforcement beyond their routine activity.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “Any 20mph signs which have a red ring mean these areas are enforceable. Other signs which indicate 20mph near schools may not be enforceable but consideration must be taken during school times.”

Local resident Iama Zirving said: “Barley Cop is an accident waiting to happen especially with the new road being built, lots more people using this as a cut through and going far too fast.”