Police issue wheelie bin warning to Lancashire families

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Police are warning families across Lancashire to consider what is left in wheelie bins over the festive period.

Officers say packaging could show potential thieves what expensive gifts and gadgets are in homes, and are urging residents to only put their bins out on collection day.

A message on Preston Police’s Facebook page said: “What do your wheelie bins say about you and your house this Christmas?”
It said: “Likelihood by now they’ll have all the various discarded boxes and other outer packaging stored inside ready for refuse collection to resume on Wednesday.

“Think! Could they also be showing to would be criminals all the nice presents that you and the family have been given for Christmas?

“That must own toy or perhaps the latest games console, tablet or mobile phone.

“The family could have been very lucky and gone for something bulky like a new television. Think about what you’re doing with your refuse this Christmas, regular collection service will resume on Wednesday. I’d recommend only putting out your refuse on collection day.”

Officers had also warned people not to leave valuables and Christmas gifts on display in cars.

Meanwhile, Preston’s rural police team on Twitter urged people to stay vigilant, and said thieves used holidays to steal agricultural and plant equipment.