Police: Don’t call number on bogus parcel email

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Wyre residents are being urged not to call a premium rate telephone number on a bogus email that is trying to con them out of cash.

Around 20 people have been to Garstang post office after receiving an email to their personal accounts, claiming to be from a globally recognised delivery company and referring to an item that is awaiting collection at the building.

The email gives a number that people should call before making the trip to the post office – but if this is done the caller can unwittingly be charged up to £30 a minute for the call.

PSCO John Holland, of Garstang neighbourhood police team, said: “It appears that this hoax email is currently circulating in the Wyre area. It refers to a specific post office and gives the name of a legitimate courier firm, making it sound quite credible. However, deliveries by this company are not taken to the post office if the recipient is not at home – and it would appear that this is an email from fraudsters trying to con people out of money.

“We are not sure how many residents – if any at all – have phoned the number on the email, but if they do we believe they will connected to a premium rate number that will result in a significant charge being added to their phone bill. We would advise people not to ring this number, but if they believe that they may have a parcel waiting at the post office, to ring them directly on the number that is in the telephone book.”