Police commissioner posts for ex-authority members

Appointments: Clive Grunshaw has revealed proposals
Appointments: Clive Grunshaw has revealed proposals
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Lancashire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw is set to appoint a deputy and assistant commissioners on salaries of £20-30,000.

But one critic today hit out at the plans, saying all are previous members of the now defunct Lancashire Police Authority.

Former police authority member Ibrahim Master is set to be appointed deputy commissioner, subject to approval by the Police and Crime Panel on December 17.

Meanwhile Saima Afzal, also a former authority member, former authority chairman Bruce Jassi and former vice-chairman Amanda Webster will be joining as assistant commissioners.

Probation Service assistant chief executive Mike Lock also joins the team.

Mr Master’s salary will be 70 per cent of the £85,000 being earned by Mr Grunshaw for the role. Pro-rata, that means he will be paid £30,000.

Each of the part-time assistant commissioners will be paid £20,000. The appointments bring Mr Grunshaw’s team to 16, compared to 28 members of the former police authority.

And he insisted that the appointments are not another police authority but are vital to allow him to carry out his role.

But former police officer and county councillor Sam Chapman criticised the proposals, partiuclarly as they were not advertised first. Writing on his blog, he said: “Whoever you vote for, the unelected Police Authority still gets in, and in particular the tax-raising spend-spend-spend part of it.”

But Mr Grunshaw said Ibrahim Master will support him in the development of strategy and performance improvementand deputise for him.

He added: “I stated my intention to appoint Ibrahim some time ago. For me, Ibrahim is the obvious choice for my deputy; he has a vast knowledge of Lancashire, has business expertise and he is passionate about issues of crime and policing. He also served on Police Authority for many years.

“I have also looked at the posts within the Chief Executive’s team and consider that more expertise at a strategic level is required.

“Let me make it clear, this is not another Police Authority – we are not creating committees or scrutiny panels, we are creating a modern, fit-for-purpose model with which to deliver my priorities in the most efficient and effective way possible.”