Police capture convict hiding under van

A man has been captured after hiding under a van
A man has been captured after hiding under a van
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Police have captured a man found hiding under a van who was wanted on recall in Burnley.

The 40-year-old man was spotted by patrols at around 1.50am this morning on Accrington Road and made off towards Westmoreland Road.

According to the police, the man tired and decided to hide under a van where he was captured by officers.

In a post on Burnley and Padiham's Facebook page a spokesperson said: "Normal night shift for officers on team 3 in Burnley until a local man decided to go for a long jog around Stoops estate followed by a string of officers.

"Eventually he got so tired he decided to play hide and seek under a parked van. We're quite good at both those games and found him.

"The added bonus was Her Majesty had invited him back to spend Xmas at one of her establishments.

"So not only has he had a good jog and game of hide and seek, he's on the 8am bus from custody to HMP Preston for Xmas and its all expenses paid!"

The man has since been returned to prison.