Police boss awaits bill

Waiting: Clive Grunshaw
Waiting: Clive Grunshaw
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Poilce supremo Clive Grunshaw has still not been ordered to pay back an estimated £1,550 in wrongly-claimed expenses more than a week after being cleared of dishonesty.

Lancashire’s £85,000-a-year Crime Commissioner is still waiting to hear how much he owes, despite accepting publicly he made mistakes when submitting his travelling and meals claims as a councillor.

Mr Grunshaw admitted to the Evening Post last week that he was willing to reimburse Lancashire County Council immediately for any money received in error. Yet, eight days after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled he had not been dishonest, he is still waiting to be told which of his expense claims were found to be unacceptable.

Last night, more than three days after the Evening Post asked County Hall what was happening, council chiefs revealed they were still waiting for the CPS report about the 13-month fraud investigation before deciding what to do next.

Interim Chief Executive Joe Turton said: “The CPS report will be sent to the Police and Crime Panel. As a member of this panel, the county council will receive a copy. Once we receive it, we’ll look into the matters it raises to decide on the next steps.”

The CPS ruled that Mr Grunshaw had not deliberately double-claimed for allowances when he was both a county councillor and member of the old police authority. While there were 37 claims made which could have been incorrect, there were also another 28 which he didn’t claim.