Police appeal after yobs attack football supporters’ coach

ANGRY: Graham Watkinson
ANGRY: Graham Watkinson
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Fans escaped serious injury after a football lout threw a traffic cone and smashed a coach window.

Visiting supporters of Guiseley were subject to the attack last Saturday, after their 3-2 play-off final victory over Chorley FC.

It’s a shame as it ruined a nice day, we had six coaches there and none of the others had any trouble.

Gill Hill

In what should have been a memorable day, one of the six visiting coaches had a window smashed by a traffic cone, despite being led out of town by a police convoy.

The incident happened on Chancery Road in Astley Village and thankfully nobody suffered any injuries.

Despite giving chase, police were unable to catch the yobs and they are now appealing for witnesses.

Coach firm J and B Travel have had to pay £800 for a new window to be fitted.

Gill Hill, administrator at J and B Travel, said: “It’s a shame as it ruined a nice day, we had six coaches there and none of the others had any trouble.

“It was a real disappointment, it is lucky that it was just the one coach and nobody was hurt.”

The incident has been condemned by both clubs.

Bosses at Chorley FC have said that the offenders will be handed life time bans from Victory Park.

Graham Watkinson, secretary and vice-chairman at Chorley FC, said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful, we condemn the behaviour that has happened.

“The club will do everything they can to ensure these people are caught and they will be handed a life time ground from the club.

“They aren’t proper Chorley supporters, they just ruin the club’s name, the whole day has been marred one incident.

“Although we didn’t get promoted, it was great to see that many people in Victory Park.”

A spokesman from Guiseley Football Club added: “We are fortunate that nobody was hurt and the fans managed to get home.

“That was the fourth game between the club’s and prior to that there hadn’t been any segregation.

“Our relationship with Chorley FC will not be affected by the incident.”

A spokesman from Chorley Police said: “An officer gave chase but unfortunately the offenders got away.

“We are asking for any witnesses or anybody with any information to come forward and help out with our investigations or they can call 101.”