Plungington families outraged after man exposes himself to teenager and performs sex act in street

Families in Plungington are furious after a man was caught with his pants down, performing a sex act in public - and in full view of a horrified teenage girl.

By Matthew Calderbank
Thursday, 13th August 2020, 10:38 am
Updated Thursday, 13th August 2020, 11:17 am

The shocking incident in Ashmoor Street has caused outrage among residents, with the obscene act reportedly witnessed by a 16-year-old girl.

According to those who live on the street, officers were called to the scene in the early hours of Wednesday morning (August 12), but merely told the man to pull his pants up before moving him on.

One disgusted resident, Michelle Kirkby, has been left livid by the apparent lack of concern shown from officers, who she said had merely 'laughed' at the intoxicated flasher.

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Alerting her neighbours to the incident, Michelle shared a picture online appearing to show a young man with his trousers down.

She is now demanding more robust policing for anti-social behaviour in Plungington after residents were left dispirited by the police response.

This what the police say

A police spokesman said: "We were called around 2.45am yesterday (Wednesday, August 12) to a report of suspicious circumstances in Ashmoor Street, Preston.

The man was found with his pants down and performing a sex act in Ashmoor Street, Plungington in the early hours of Wednesday morning (August 12)

"It was reported a man had been found semi-conscious exposing himself.

"Officers attended with the man believed to be under the influence of drugs.

"He was found fully clothed and was spoken with and given words of advice before he left the scene.

"No arrests were made."

Michelle said a 16-year-old girl had been horrified after she witnessed the indecent exposure from her home in Ashmoor Street. The teenager's parents had reportedly called the ambulance service out of concern for the man's welfare after he was spotted on the ground outside their home.

"Indecent exposure, being drunk and disorderly, assault by spitting, intimidation and theft aren't crimes anymore according to Preston police," said Michelle.

"This is what waking and disturbing the peace looks like to residents of Ashmoor Street.

"A 16-year-old girl witnessed this after her parents alerted the ambulance service. THIS SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING!!"

Plungington councillor Pav Akhtar, who has repeatedly urged police to tackle anti-social and criminal activity in the area, said he was left enraged by the incident.

He said: "I feel complete RAGE at what has happened here. It is completely, COMPLETELY unacceptable.

"I'm really sorry to the young girl and her family who have had to see this. And fully share the disgust of residents.

"I've telephoned the police commissioner and chief constable's office to ask if they would accept this on their doorstep, so why should we put up with it?"

This is what furious residents in Plungington say

The outrageous incident follows daily reports of drunkenness and drug-taking in Plungington's streets that have led some residents to seriously consider moving away from the area.

One resident, Lindsay Felton, said: "Wow, this is disgusting! That’s me, my 11-year-old and 4-year-old house hunting!

"I’ve put up with a lot round here including full on arguments with grown men thinking that outside my door is a toilet, as well as a man who threatened to “smash my face in”, but this is beyond a joke.

"I don’t want have to worry about taking my kids out and them seeing that!"

Plungington resident Takhsin Akhtar, a nurse and governor at Lancashire Hospitals Trust, added: "This is disgusting. All the local residents are outraged at this latest obscenity.

"No parent wants their child seeing a man with his privates on display outside their home. Preston Police - you need to get a grip!"

Another resident said: "Disgusting. Preston Police - you should be ashamed of your officers who laughed at this.

"Can you please explain why this person was not arrested for indecent exposure?"