Petition has got enough signatures to go before Parliament

Campaigning: Jane Sherriff with her children Rowan, five and Megan
Campaigning: Jane Sherriff with her children Rowan, five and Megan
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A widow’s campaign to ban glass bottles from late night city centre pubs and clubs has got enough signatures to be discussed in parliament.

Jane Sherriff, 35, launched her campaign following the death of her husband Philip and says in five years time she hopes to be “raising plastic bottles” to him.

Philip, 37, was murdered with a broken glass bottle in April.

On Friday Ashley Charles, 26, was convicted of his murder and jailed for 14 years.

After his death Jane began thinking about a campaign to promote replacing glass bottles with safer, plastic alternatives.

She was put in touch with Marjorie Golding, whose son was scarred for life in a glassing in 2004, and teamed up with her.

Jane set up a page on Facebook called ‘Bottle Stop’ which has been ‘liked’ by more than 78,000 people.

Now the petition has been signed by more than the 100,000 needed to be discussed in parliament.

Jane said: “It is a small step on a long journey. It is great that we got the petition signatures before the trial started.”

Jane said now the petition will be taken to Downing Street.

And she is looking to officially launch the campaign in the Houses of Parliament before Christmas.

She said she never expected to exceed the 100,000 mark.

“I thought I would get a couple of hundred signatures.

“It is not a blanket ban that I am calling for it is city centre late night pubs and clubs.

“I want to change the law. Whether that will be done centrally or locally I don’t know.

“The night Phil was attacked they has plastic cups but glass bottles.”

Jane said she believes some of the strength that is driving her forward has come from Phil, her husband of 10 years.

She said: “When Phil died I didn’t know where the strength was coming from I couldn’t explain it.

“I thought it was him. I must have got some strength from him.

“I was part of him.”

She added: “I am going to keep going I am not going to stop.”

Jane is also looking to make Bottle Stop a charity - something she has decided to do after people offered to take part in sponsored events in aid of it.

Mugs bearing the Bottle Stop logo have been made by Jack Nutting who was attacked with a bottle in 2010 and left paralysed down one side of his body.

To find out more about the campaign, to sign the petition or to buy a mug visit the page by searching Bottle Stop on Facebook.