Pensioner is killed in four vehicle crash on city road

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A PENSIONER has died following a crash on a Preston road.

The 86-year-old Nissan Micra driver was involved in the accident around 5.30pm on Sunday.

Officers were called to the junction of St Martin’s Road and St George’s Road in Deepdale after reports of a collision between four cars.

A Lancashire police spokesman said the pensioner is believed to have been driving on St Martin’s Road and failed to give way at the junction of St George’s Road, travelling across the junction and colliding with a Nissan Note, Audi A4 and Toyota Corolla. The vehicles were all parked and unattended.

The man was taken to Royal Preston Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and have asked witnesses to call them on 101.

It comes a few days after readers contacted the Evening Post to raise concerns about road safety in the Deepdale area.

Siraz Saleh, 45, who lives on busy Deepdale Road, thinks the parking structure makes pulling out of junctions not only difficult but dangerous.

Lancashire Police have confirmed there has been two other crashes in the last week and at least four in the last month.
The most recent happened outside the Army Reserve Centre and the other at the junction between St Thomas’ Road and Deepdale Road.
Although none of those incidents led to serious injuries, Mr Saleh reckons action needs to be taken.

Mr Saleh said: “People are parking legally both in both parking and loading bays but it means people coming out of the junctions can’t see when they’re pulling out and that’s why crashes are happening. It’s an accident blackspot and I really hope something can be done.”

Reader Stuart Weeks took to the LEP Facebook page to add: “Terrible spot for both motorists and pedestrians, I’ve nearly been run over a couple of times crossing St Thomas’s Road there.

Respoding to Mr Saleh’s concerns, which were raised last week, Ridwan Musa, highways manager for Lancashire County Council, which is responsible for the road, said: “We have reviewed the way traffic is managed in this area in the past with consideration to balancing the need for parking restrictions to ensure there is enough space around junctions for people to see when emerging from side roads, against the need to provide room for people to park.

“The safety record is in line with many busy areas where a number of relatively minor collisions are recorded around junctions.

“We have to prioritise the use of our limited resources to improve road safety for locations where there is a record of incidents resulting in injuries.”