Pensioner dies after burglar steals purse

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Latest crime news
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Police are appealing for help in catching a thief after he conned a pensioner who died two days later.

The man knocked on 81-year-old’s door at 3pm on April 16.

While she went to the window to check who was there, the man went to the back of the house and entered via the kitchen door.

He took a purse containing credit and debit cards from her handbag before walking off down the drive on Cleveleys Avenue, Lancaster.

She only realised it was missing an hour and a half later.

The lady was taken ill two days later and passed away that day.

DI Simon Dent of Lancaster CID said: “This is a tragic case where the victim, has then passed away a couple of days later.”

The man had short, dark brown hair and was clean-shaven. He wore a dark grey sweater and dark trousers and drove a white van.