‘Pavement rage’ attack on grandad

Gash on Colin Delaney's right leg after being rammed by a cyclist in New Hall Lane
Gash on Colin Delaney's right leg after being rammed by a cyclist in New Hall Lane
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A pensioner has been left with a 10 inch gash on his leg after being ‘rammed’ by an angry cyclist.

Colin Delaney, 72, of Maitland Street, Preston, had walked the short distance to Bargain Booze in New Hall Lane for a paper just after 10am on Sunday, when a cyclist almost crashed into him.

Mr Delaney, who suffers from angina and circulation problems, said: “He was a big lad and he very nearly hit me on the corner of New Hall Lane and Geoffrey Street.

“When he stopped, I said to him ‘You need to be on the road, not the pavement, that’s the law’.

“Then he went beserk, he was very, very abusive, and virtually had me pinned up against a hedge. You’ve heard of road rage, well this was pavement rage.”

The retired storage tank manufacturer added: “Then he angled his handlebars and rammed his front wheel into my right leg.

“It’s very painful and it’s difficult for me to walk at the minute. I certainly can’t get to the paper shop at the moment, I’m struggling to even get to the kitchen.

“It’s not just the cut, it’s the bang on the bone that’s painful.”

Mr Delaney described his attacker as a well-built Asian man in his early to mid 20s, wearing a black beard and a beany hat. He was wearing Western clothing and on a mountain bike.

He added: “There’s hundreds of people who ride on the pavement around here, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Lancashire Constabulary have confirmed they are investigating the assault, but nobody has been arrested.

Anyone who saw the incident or who knows who was involved is asked to call the police on 101.