Park sex shame

Avenham Park
Avenham Park
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A man and woman have been told to remain in their homes at night after being caught outraging public decency in a historic Preston park.

The pair were spotted lying down on a grass verge, which leads to the River Ribble in Avenham Park, at around 5.30pm on July 15.

Both had some of their clothing removed and they were engaging in sexual 
activity, Preston Crown Court heard.

At the time of the offence, the park was busy and several members of the 
public were using the public footpath which follows the course of the river through Avenham and Miller Parks.

The pair were arrested and admitted outraging public decency.

They appeared at Preston Crown Court for sentence.

John Tucker, 50, of Dundonald Street, 
Preston, was handed a 24-week sentence suspended for 18 months, and put on a curfew for four months 
between 8pm and 6am.

Justine Eaton, 46, was handed a 24-week jail term suspended for 15 months, and was put on 18-month supervision with the 
probation service.

She was ordered to remain indoors at her home in Sylvancroft, Ingol, between 8pm and 6pm and to 
undertake an alcohol programme.

Avenham Park played host to a number of major events to mark Preston Guild 2012, which saw thousands of visitors flock to the popular facility over the summer months.

Speaking after the sentence, Don Ingham, Avenham and Miller Parks manager, said: “The parks are a place that everyone from young children and families to older people should be able to enjoy, and therefore there is a certain level of acceptable behaviour which we expect of park users.”