PAEDOPHILE HUNTER: Stinson to reveal more stings in Preston

Passionate: Stinson Hunter, who lives in Preston
Passionate: Stinson Hunter, who lives in Preston
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More stings on suspected Preston paedophiles will soon be aired by Stinson Hunter.

The self-styled ‘paedophile hunter’ who now lives in Preston, has been working with an Australian TV crew who have been filming his recent operations.

Yesterday the Evening Post revealed that two men from the city had been arrested on suspicion of attempting to meet underage girls and grooming after Stinson uploaded messages and videos to his website.

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Now he’s revealed that while posing as an underage child online, he’s been talking to about 20 different people in the area, but not all investigations have been successful and will be exposed.

He said: “I have to be careful about what I say, but there’s definitely more coming from Preston.

“The ones that are on my website aren’t the only ones I’ve been doing, there are numerous others that have been covered by a large Australian TV network and that will probably be aired next month. But I’ll make sure that I put a link up to it on my website so that people can see.”

The Channel 4 documentary which shot Stinson’s work to national attention has now been aired in Canada, Australia, and Stinson hopes it will soon be shown in America.

He said: “I’ve hit audiences around the world and you have to ask why the film is so successful. It’s because I’m right and I’m always proving the police wrong.

“I don’t mind being in the press because if you’re talking about me then you’re talking about what I’m trying to do, and raising awareness of this is my purpose.

“I’m not doing it for the glory or for attention, I want to inspire people so they look at their kid’s stuff and the Government take notice.

“One day I want an MP to stand up and say that I’m right, then I’ll step aside and let the big boys carry on.”