‘Paedophile hunter’ comes to Preston

Lancashire operation: Stinson Hunter
Lancashire operation: Stinson Hunter
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Operation to snare paedophiles online is part-run in city.

A homeless ex-criminal who has gained national notoriety as a “paedophile hunter” is running part of his project from Preston, aided by a city pensioner.

Stinson Hunter, who shot into the spotlight in a Channel 4 documentary on his work to expose paedophiles, is staying with a pal in the area.

The 33-year-old goes undercover to expose potential paedophiles, posing as under-aged girls on over-18 chat rooms to lure sex criminals to his “home”.

His team then films and confronts the men when they arrive, and posts the footage on social media sites, after passing it to the police.

He also posts web clips of text conversations between the alleged offender and intended victims.

A Preston grandfather, known only as Mark, is a key member of Hunter’s three-strong team, assisting his efforts by looking after web pages where sex offenders are outed.

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