Owner of '˜disgusting' takeaway banned from food industry

A man has been banned from the food industry because his hygiene standards were so appalling.

Saturday, 17th September 2016, 11:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:47 pm
Harvey's in Kirkham

Imtiyaz Jalal admitted 12 hygiene and health and safety offences at his food outlet Harvey’s on Poulton Street,Kirkham.

Cooked and uncooked food was being kept at unsafe temperatures and an inspector was greeted by the smell of rotting meat on one visit

Unlabelled and unidentifiable meat was stored in a fridge operating at too high a temperature. The fly killing machine was full of dead insects, extractor fans were broken and other equipment was dirty or rusty.

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Harvey's in Kirkham

The fried chicken and pizza takeaway was described as a ‘significant risk to public health’ in court.

As well as the food hygiene banning order forbidding him from being involved in the food industry, he was ordered to pay £3,948 in fines and costs.

He can pay at £5 a week which means it will take him 15 years to repay his debt to Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Anita Elliot,prosecuting for Fylde Council, said the takeaway was now under new ownership.

Harvey's in Kirkham

She said public health officer Sara Carrington had made a routine inspection of the premises in 2015.

She found ‘stinking’ refuse in the back yard and in the foot preparation room and the premises’ staff toilet was dirty.

There were cigarette ends strewn about, missing wall tiles and kebab meat was being stored next to chemicals.

The officer said there was an imminent risk to public health and Jalal agreed to shut the shop and improve its condition but when the inspector returned she found no changes had taken place.

Harvey's in Kirkham

The council went to court and got an emergency hygiene notice which closed Harvey’s down.

A list of requirements Jalal of Accrington Road, Blackburn, had to undertake under the terms of the order were handed to him.

The court heard Jalal claimed he had done the tasks but when the shop was inspected again he clearly had not done the work and the inspector was met by “the foul smell of putrefying meat”.

The council also demanded electrical signage be made safe and a cracked front window pane replaced.

Harvey's in Kirkham

“The council had to board up the window at its own cost,” said the prosecutor.

Other charges relating to the alleged state of mouldy food were withdrawn by Fylde Council after defence lawyer Ghafar Khan asserted the premises were shut at the time for that inspection.

The prosecutor said she was asking the magistrates to impose the banning order forbidding Jalal from working in the food industry because of his refusal to improve conditions at the takeaway over a long period of time.

The defence lawyer said: “My client admits the place was a mess and he says he is in financial ruin.” “He accepts full responsibility for what happened and in his own words says the place had become disgusting.”

“He is now working delivering newspapers and earns £175 a week.

“He also says the windows were broken by people in Kirkham who were angry that Harvey’s had shut down and there was nowhere else to get food.”

Harvey's in Kirkham

A spokeswoman for Fylde Council said: “Public health is always our priority and we continue to work with businesses to achieve and maintain good hygiene and safety standards.

“While we support businesses, Fylde Council will not hesitate to take risk- based and proportionate action where health is compromised, in order to protect residents and visitors to the Borough.

“The public are always advised to refer to www.food.gov.uk/ratings where the latest hygiene information is displayed.”

Harvey's in Kirkham